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My name is: Sharon Holtz.

I'm known for being: the spa director at Terranea Resort and the woman who encourages associates to take a moment to breathe, while riding in the elevator with me.

I’m hosting a retreat called: Immersive Wellness at Terranea.

It’s located: on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. It is a weekend retreat, taking place April 27-29, 2018.

I was drawn to this spot because: Terranea is an 102-acre resort on the cliffs over the Pacific Ocean. With sweeping views of the water and Catalina Island in the distance, it’s a location that lets the mind experience a sense of vastness, allowing it to expand and relax. Surrounded by nature, it enlivens the senses, offering a feeling of heightened awareness. Mother Nature’s creatures add to the uniqueness of the destination: whales breaching, bunnies hopping, hummingbirds flitting, squirrels scampering and dolphins playing, to name a few. It is a very special location with its own unique energy.

This retreat is special because: it is an opportunity to create mindfulness in your daily life. The goal is to provide our guests with practical ways to bring mindfulness practices home with them, so they have the tools to continue to experience positive effects. With such an inspiring locale, Immersive Wellness at Terranea will benefit all who join us. Whether you already have a practice of mindfulness or it is a brand new concept to you, it will have something for everyone. With a balance of workshops, activities, spa treatments, movement classes and delightful culinary creations, it will be a memorable weekend with opportunities to connect with yourself and others. Attendees will balance learning, relaxation and practice for integration, in a warm and welcoming environment.

One thing you can’t miss is: the “Present at the Table” dinner. This unique culinary experience will guide diners on how to eat more thoughtfully, while discovering how certain foods help tighten mindfulness. This multi-course, farm-to-table dinner will allow guests to reflect on how to continually integrate mindful eating into their lives.

Your body will thank you because: this retreat fosters a holistic approach to wellness, moving the body with mindful movement classes, nourishing the body with intentionally prepared culinary menus and nurturing the body with renewing spa treatments.

I never retreat without bringing: a journal for taking notes and capturing thoughts that are so plentiful. I also really like to have a bracelet or small gemstone with me that captures the energy of the experience, which serves as a nice reminder of the connections made and what inspired me.

Retreating is part of my process because: I find it is essential to have the time to create space between my thoughts. Being constantly bombarded with so much information, our minds are always being stimulated—and not always in a positive way. A retreat allows me to step out of my day-to-day and step back, take a breath and reconnect with myself and my thoughts. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and lose that connection to the moment. Retreating helps bring that back to the forefront of life for me.

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