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My name is: Allegra Crespi.

I’m known for being: A brand strategist, entrepreneur and, most recently, founder of Harvest Moon Supplies. 

I’m talking about: Harvest Moon Supplies, a boutique produce and prepared foods delivery service in NYC.

You can find it at: We launched in June! You can find us at or on instagram @harvestmoonsupplies.

What inspired me to launch it was: I was looking for a sense of connection to my food, from seed-to-table, in a way that felt more purposefully connected to the land. Living in New York City, this felt like an impossible proposition, where, during peak tomato season, your only options are weekly trips to various specialty stores and farmer’s markets or the bland hothouse tomatoes found in most high-end grocers. I wanted an uncompromising solution and felt that others deserved one too.   

How it works is: We’re a membership service that delivers a weekly curation of produce and prepared foods sourced from the best farmers, producers and artisans across the country, buying locally whenever in season. 

What makes it special is: We’re on a quest to inspire and elevate your cooking rituals in simple and satisfying ways. This is a service built by and for home cooks (experienced or aspirational)—there are no gimmicks, just quality. To that end, we use the same sourcing model as some of the best restaurants in the city, buying from producers who typically only supply to Per Se and Eleven Madison Park.

One thing you can’t miss is: Our prepared foods, which is an added source of joy for me as they’re grounded in the flavors of my upbringing in Italy. Each week’s delivery is wholly complementary, striking just the right balance of ready-to-eat and easy-to-assemble items, from healthy snacks to soups, oven-ready meats, simple sauces, grain salads and sweet treats. They’re prepared with our members’ busy lives in mind and are very much a customer favorite. 

My favorite secret detail is: I make sure that our kitchen is staffed with people from multidisciplinary backgrounds, be they Per Se alums or a trained florist, who appreciate the home cooking experience. Our customers tell me that they are delighted by the attention paid to even the smallest details: something as simple as eating a whole pint of raspberries and realizing that every single one was perfect—sweet, juicy, ripe, lovingly washed, hand-selected and carefully packaged. 

Your body will thank you, especially in the world right now, because: There’s never been a better time to create new healthy habits for body and mind. While our daily lives and routines have been upended, many of us have been drawn back to the kitchen as the center of the home. Harvest Moon Supplies is delivering the inspiration and guidance to help New Yorkers rebuild healthy, grounding rituals that will last.

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