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I recently attended a seminar about financial freedom, where we were guided to pinpoint the root of what holds us back. There’s almost too much information for your brain to handle at these events, but I think each person has an individual takeaway, a message that your soul came for. This time, mine was: How can you expect the Universe to simply hand you more and more money, if you haven’t proven you can handle and share what you’ve already got?

Case in point: each month I avoid opening and paying my bills. I also avoid emails from credit card and investment companies. Heck, I even file an extension to pay my taxes in October! I am like a little kid plugging her financial ears and yelling nonsense, month after month, because she doesn’t want to face the unknown.

What actually sparked my wanting to become more financially aware was a recent meeting with potential investors in my company. They asked me some basic questions: what are my projections, desired salary, employees needed, and costs to run my business. Simple enough, but not for me! My avoidance of financial issues is an obstacle, for I intend on growing my business, but can’t without investment. And in order to get investment, I needed to take a deep look into my financials (see the beautiful catch-22 the Universe used to hook me into facing my fear? Touché!).

So I pulled out all my bank statements, had someone teach me Excel basics, and became determined to figured it out. I discovered that financially, I’m barely breaking even. I thought I was, but I’m not. Instead of bringing me down, this got me really clear, real fast. If I want to continue to create, to thrive and to inspire, I’m going to need to make best friends with my money.

In life we need to embrace what scares us, because hidden within that pile of fear is your salvation, the key to what is going to bring you joy. Take your ugly fears and find a way to make them more enjoyable and palatable to YOU. In my case, creating rainbow Excel sheets that look like pieces of art did the trick. I love them so much that I show anyone who will look at them. Get a fearless grip on your situation, whatever it may be. Your happiness awaits…

For more information please see Hayley Starr.

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