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Practiced daily, a simple system of subtle changes has the power to recalibrate your body, boost natural energy and shift your perspective on life. The potential results include radical personal growth, authentic confidence and deep inner peace. 

But there’s one important key to bringing about this evolution: consistency. The magic formula for long-lasting success with a new way of life depends on your decision to make a change and then your courage, discipline and motivation to stick to your word and follow through.

That said, trying to overhaul your entire life overnight is a nightmare. The minute you feel overwhelmed, it’s goodbye lofty goals and hello defeat. Instead, make simple, subtle changes on a daily basis by taking one small step at a time and focusing on the variables immediately in front of you. 

The bigger picture will come into focus as you habitually practice these new healthy lifestyle habits: a short, powerful workout that results in radical physical transformation, super food hacks that heal the gut and boost fat-burning and a quiet ten minutes a day to bring you back to the center of your being. That’s where confidence, personal power and intuition collide and your big dreams become clear.

Confidence, personal power and intuition collide and your big dreams become clear.

The following are my top six approaches to help you gently shift your internal course and get you fully aligned with what matters most. The reason these techniques are so effective is that they help you develop a higher sense of awareness about what you need, what you feel and what actions will best serve your highest goals in life:

1. Eat Clean

Food is energy. It’s a top determining factor in your quality of the life and the love you feel for your body. A good personal trainer can take one look at your face and tell what you ate for dinner the night before with scary accuracy. Since chemical reactions from food are often responsible for how we look, feel and perform in life, it’s easy to see how choosing anti-inflammatory options can set the foundation for long-lasting, natural health and beauty. You can maximize your human potential and turn your body into a fat-burning machine by following a few simple rules.

S.O.U.L is an acronym that stands for Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local. When choosing food, ask yourself if it falls into at least one of these categories. This is a helpful hack that will turn your food life around almost immediately. Dial into your nutrition by eating S.O.U.L foods and see how your skin starts to glow, the whites of your eyes become dazzling, your natural energy soars and, suddenly, you feel like a boss chick crushing your goals and charming the world. Check out nutrition gurus Dr. Mark Hyman and J.J Virgin for even more helpful dietary resources.

2. Drink Water

This is well-known beauty secret you may have forgotten to integrate. I’m here to gently remind you that increasing your daily water intake will also boost mental performance and natural energy levels, which means you get more done in less time with increased grace and flexibility. As your body gets and stays hydrated, watch your undereye circles and puffiness disappear. Notice how your skin looks and feels tighter and more plump. Drinking water makes your eyes appear lighter and brighter with a healthy sparkle. I can always tell when my clients are hydrated. They just glow. Make your water bottle a fashion accessory and take it everywhere you go in your purse or handbag.

3. Journal Every Morning

Keeping a journal is a great way to reduce anxiety and get clear about the things that matter most. Plus, it’s an amazing creative outlet that may spark your inner artist impulses to come alive, so you can paint your world in vivid colors. I suggest keeping your journal next to your bed and performing a “mind purge” first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night. Getting everything out on the page can help you become more aware of changes you wish to make. Also, listing “to-dos” can alleviate the added pressure of keeping everything locked in your mind until it’s time to execute.

4. Keep Workouts Short & Standards High

Work out for ten to fifteen minutes every day. You’ve heard the law: An object in motion stays in motion. This is why a daily movement practice—yes, every day—is absolutely key to sustained wellness, grounded energy and an overall sense of well-being. Short, powerful workouts are all the rage because they work! Science tells us that short burst workouts and minimum effective dose exercise is the key to keeping the body lean and healthy, while not over-stressing the nervous system. Exercise is stress to the body and too much stress results in a chain reaction of chemical responses that can cause the body to store fat and waste valuable energy. Short powerful workouts will keep you looking and feeling leaner and lighter without as much soreness and the time and energy drain of traditional workouts. Boost efficiency with short, powerful workouts and notice how much time and energy you have for your deeper passions and big life goals. 

5. Meditate

This is a secret of top earners, Hollywood royalty and high-level achievers in all fields around the world. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be boring, long or confusing and undirected. Here is my suggestion: Pick an intention or a question to direct your meditation time. Is there a confusing situation in your life that you need clarity on? Are you facing a crossroads and wondering which opportunities are going to get you the furthest and fastest on your ultimate life track? Write it all down and then pick one topic at which to direct your meditation. Set a timer for five minutes and work up to ten minutes of silent directed meditation per day. Get quiet and comfortable and ask for guidance and clarity as you clear your mind and make room for the answers to flow into your consciousness.

6. Keep Learning

Marie Forleo, business guru, says “learners are earners.” Seek out people and situations that challenge you and force you to question your beliefs and judgements. Join a book club or create one with your friends. Attend a new fitness class or try a yoga or meditation course. Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been alone and challenge yourself to make new friends and reach beyond your comfort zone. Get really good at listening when people speak. Instead of thinking about what you want to add to the conversation, ask yourself what you have to learn from each individual. Find awesome mentors who have accomplished the things you dream of doing. Email them, take their courses and get involved in causes that fire you up too. When you continue to learn throughout your life, you are in a constant state of evolution, which feels like passion and purpose. I’ve noticed over the years that when a client comes to me unhappy and unmotivated, they are usually just stuck, stagnant and sedentary. The fastest way to feel better is to evolve your body, mind, emotions and energy through learning something new!

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