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One of the most frequent conversations I have with clients is about redesigning their concept of time.

Time-based pressure is a huge component of modern day stress: a fear of losing time, of wasting it and of not having enough of it. The list feels endless and encourages a “lack” mentality, contributing to feelings of negativity and decreased self-worth.

Consider any current anxieties you are experiencing: would they be less of a worry if the time-related component was taken away?

Here are five ways to release this time-based pressure in order to de-stress and experience the highest potential from your life:

1. Your life is a perfectly aligned journey

I believe that there are two ways of viewing life:One is a restricted time line, A-B, with little room to maneuver. This is the timeframe with which we are most familiar. It is also the timezone that our fear-based ego mind lives in—have you ever noticed how, when your internal dialogue is fueled by your fears, there is always a ticking clock?

The second way is to see life as a journey and an adventure. I feel excited when I view time like a stretched out slinky and understand that everything within the experience is aligned perfectly.

In times of major time-based panic, try using the mantra: “I am exactly where I am supposed to be,” and notice how an immediate sense of relief comes over you.

2. Have compassion for the past and nurture the present

Release yourself from trying to rewrite the past. Can you find one thing, however small, that you appreciate, like or feel grateful for in this present day? If so (and I’ve never met anyone who can’t) then this supports that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This moment only exists because of everything that has happened before it.

It is not always easy to value experiences that have been challenging, but know that they are part of the bigger picture and present in order to lead you to higher ground. Practice forgiveness for time that has gone by.

The present moment is the only thing that is truly real. It is the only place that we can take action, feel a feeling, access our intuition and receive clarity. Allow yourself space to introduce yourself to the present moment and treat it with respect and love.

3. Surrender the outcome

Since the present moment is the only thing that is real, the future is fluid. When we obsess and fixate that there is only one possible outcome, we lock ourselves back into the pressure cooker. The act of surrender is the art of letting go and, with that, we do not lose anything but instead receive access to a bigger sense of flow and expansion. When we release our need to have everything “in control,” we are able to see the bigger picture. Wherever you feel stuck or out of control right now, use the mantra “I surrender” to allow life to return to its natural flow.

4 Comparison to others is a redundant act

When we are having challenges, it is easy to look around and perceive everyone else as happier, more successful, healthier and more abundant.

Shift your perspective:For example, when you are having your biggest relationship challenge, you may imagine that everyone else is gloriously in love. Perhaps their current challenge lies elsewhere, within their health or family. If you are exactly where you are supposed to be, then so is everyone else, and it’s okay for it not to be the same.

Return to your present moment and know that it is precious. Respond to feelings of jealousy by asking for help. Compassion is the antidote to comparison.

5. Have faith in your journey

Hindsight is a huge gift. If you cast your eye back over life so far, I’m sure that you can see how the pieces of your puzzle have pulled themselves together to get you to today. Trust that this web is constantly being woven. You are not supposed to know the future. If you trust in your life as a journey, it breaks down the fears that a restricted and time-panicked mindset creates.

As you embrace and allow a sense of flow into your life, then more peace and opportunities will seem to appear out of nowhere. In fact, they were there all along; the only thing that happened is that you removed your blindfold.

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