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During my daily workout, when I’m moving my body, I’m moving energy too. I’m working with my energy and the heavier energies that surround me.

And, when I open up to the flow of spiritual energy, I get inspired ideas and my energy levels soar. So, I know from experience: working with energy is an effective technique for taking your life to the next level.

How much are you moving on a daily basis? Are you moving your physical body, your mental body and your emotional body? Did you know you have an emotional, energetic body that needs shaping and toning just like your physical body? Are you tired of feeling like you’re chasing an impossible dream instead of taking deeply inspired action and creating your dream life?

This spring, don’t just get moving to shape up for bikini season. Shape up your whole being using light energy, so you can have the best, most transformative summer of your life.

The workouts I teach and the nomadic life I live both move me in epic cycles, mirroring everything in nature. Sometimes I am moving fast, sleeping very little, traveling to new places and performing, teaching and entertaining. Other times, I am quietly writing in my master mind studio, phone off, music on, head in the clouds. I am constantly adjusting my workout to fit the scenario. Working with energy, it’s easy to know how much physical movement is just enough without risking burnout (or a total depletion of energy). That’s important because a meltdown of your energy system can trigger autoimmune disorders and breakouts, digestive issues and trouble sleeping, just to name a few.

Last year, when I returned to the U.S. after three years abroad, I noticed a lot of women suffering from autoimmune disorders, cancer, stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction and more. I wanted to show my clients how to open the flow of energy to their minds, hearts and bodies to help themselves. I could tell that a powerful shift in perception was required. Even if we have beautifully sculpted arms and high, tight asses, we still need to practice using spiritual energy to sweep out crystallized mental habits that cause heaviness and discomfort in our bodies.

Did you know that a simple ten-minute, energy-focused movement practice can get you aligned with your higher goals and flowing with your own spiritual energy source? This type of Weightless movement can also majorly increase your productivity and reduce stress.

So, here are four ways to lighten up instantly, changing your body and your life:

Try to adjust on the fly

Everything is changing all the time. The best we can hope to become is adaptable!Start practicing the skill of shifting your focus and attention. Having laser focus is the secret to becoming a master at manifesting and will move you quickly in the direction of all you desire. Just a word of warning here: attention must accompany focus or you could become a bulldozer, blazing down everything and everyone in your path. Be careful not to leave causalities in the wake of obsessive pursuit of your higher goals. Remember, as the Grateful Dead sang: “All good things in all good time.”

Call light energy into your cells to reverse the signs of aging

Ever heard of “it factor”? It’s that extra something you can’t quite put your finger on. The French have an expression for that indefinable, elusive, pleasing quality too: “je ne sais quoi.” Did you know that when your cells are holding more light, you rarely suffer from acne, aches and pains and common skin conditions like eczema? Even cold sores and dark circles seem to disappear.

Learn to breathe consciously to gain more energy

Energy is currency. Money means zip if you don’t have time and energy. Usually, when I focus on having more time and energy, opportunities come pouring in. Most of what I do as a coach is motivate people. I reveal hidden energy sources and show them how to conserve and create their own energy. A simple ten-minute movement practice that gets you aligned and in flow with your own spiritual energy can majorly increase your productivity and reduce stress. Add conscious breathing to that ten-minute workout and you will saturate your cells with oxygen. The more oxygen you have present on a cellular level during energy production, the more stored fat you use as fuel. In other words, the better you are at breathing, the better you are at burning fat!

Tell stories with your eyes, and they will sparkle

Face it! (No pun intended.) Your eyes say it all. I learned the art of asking for things with my eyes recently in Kyoto, Japan. It’s really incredible: the eyes speak a secret language that most everyone understands. They say, “eyes are the windows to the soul.” And it’s true! It’s easy to read a person’s state of being by looking into their eyes. Emotional and physical stories are told through the eyes—a person's unspoken truths.

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