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I am just like everyone else, trying to find time to do things for myself, while managing a busy life.

So, though this intensive Body Reengineering fifteen-day cleanse was suggested to me two years ago, I only committed to doing it recently. I knew it would require my full attention and also I wouldn’t be allowed to travel during, which is something I usually do monthly or even bi-monthly. Ultimately, this June seemed a perfect time to give what I knew would be a gift to myself: health. I knew it would not be easy.

I was set to start the program in mid-June and had to wrap my mind around it in advance. The cleanse was not to lose weight, but was instead intended to realign and balance my body. The point was to get rid of toxins and cleanse my liver, kidney and intestines—definitely no small feat.

Day one was the hardest, as I was forced to get on a very specific schedule. Everything is strictly timed out based on the required steps and I was intent on doing this perfectly: I was to wake up at 6am each day for the next two weeks and ingest different supplements, concoctions or juices. And it would continue on a regimented schedule from there. The food was limited, only two salads a day. You’d think I would have been hungry, but I was drinking so much and probably nourishing my body in so many others ways that, by 6pm, I had no hunger and was happy just drinking water.

The liver portion was intimidating, as I had done one of these cleanses years ago and become physically ill. This time around was not as bad, so I knew thankfully I was in better health, though still getting rid of unnecessary toxins.

I had already worked up to day six of the cleanse, which meant my last liver elixir, which included 8 ounces of citrus juice (fresh lemon, lime and orange juice hand-squeezed), 8 ounces of distilled water, 5 raw cloves of garlic, 5 tablespoons of olive oil and ginger root, all blended. The taste actually grew on me, believe it or not. Out of everything, I enjoyed this most.

By end of the first week, my initial tiredness evolved into intense clarity. I was much more in control of my emotions and what needed to get done. The balance of work and this cleanse remained tricky, but I was seven days in and was already feeling results, so I stayed motivated.

The second week was devoted to my kidneys or adrenal glands. This is what gives us that constant adrenaline we unknowingly use when we are busy, stressed and overwhelmed. Needless to say, my kidneys needed some care and a break for rejuvenation. This was definitely the more painful part of the cleanse because I was dispelling so many toxins and felt a bit off, but I knew that, in the end, I would feel that much better. No pain, no gain.

In addition to the continuous supplements and juices that I was putting into my body, I knew it was important during this type of intense cleanse to flush it out as well. The best way to do this is through colon therapy. That way, you get the deepest possible results. 

By day fifteen, I was so used to the raw food life that I didn’t know how I was going to return to my normal diet. I’m always healthy and regimented, but I’d gotten used to not thinking about meals and using food to live, instead of living for food. I knew I would continue to incorporate aspects of this diet into my own, as for my body type eating raw really helps.

It has been a month since my cleanse and, I can say now, it really did change how I feel. Those intense two weeks gave my body a much-needed chance to restart and reprogram itself. My mind still goes back to those moments when I didn’t feel amazing and I worry that those feelings could come back, but they haven’t. 

Cleansing is something to be taken quite seriously and to be done under the guidance of someone who knows your body and what is actually wrong. I think it is something that is abused these days. Everyone’s body is different, so when going even on a quickie three-day juice fast, it is important to have clear goals and guidelines that are specific to you.

photo credits: vovlmliz vilhl, odin standal, franklin obregon

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