A Glimpse at the Goods Mart

A Glimpse at the Goods Mart

The Goods Mart is the 7/11 and Whole Foods hybrid that we have all been waiting for. Founded by PR expert, Rachel Krupa, this place magically turns all of your favorite junk food into not-so-guilty pleasures. iPads line the walls giving the background of every product’s origins, unlocking the story behind every bite. When one of the builders of the site told Krupa he would never be able to afford it, she made it her mission to make healthy snacks accessible to all. LA is now buzzing about the place where you can get a La Colombe coffee for only $1.25. We spoke to Krupa about what makes The Goods Mart so special.

My name is: Rachel Krupa.

I’m known for being: founder of Krupa Consulting and now, my newest title, founder of The Goods Mart.

I'm helping to launch: a better-for-you convenience store called The Goods Mart. Basically, it’s as if 7-11 and Whole Foods had a baby!

You can find it at: Silver Lake, CA.

Good Market

What makes it special is: The Goods Mart is a place filled with upgrades to typical convenience store staples like Little Secret Wafers (instead of Kit Kats), Barbara’s Cheese Puffs (instead of Cheetos), Simple Mills Farmhouse Cheddar Crackers (instead of Cheez-Its)  and MatchaBar Hustle (Instead of Red Bull). Find what you’re craving, and discover new favorites too. We’re making betterforyou options easily accessible. We’ve curated over 300 missiondriven products that we love—candy bars, chips, tasty sandwiches, coffee—that are not only delicious but also better for you and the environment. (Ba-bye, single-serve plastic bottles and all artificial ingredients!)

One thing you can’t miss is: an organic slushie! Yes, an organic slushie! In flavors like pineapple ginger kombucha and mixed berries and peaches!

Your body will thank you because: you’re not eating junk! All of the flavor and fun—none of the regret!

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