The Fix: Natasha Royt

The Fix: Natasha Royt

My name is: Natasha Royt.

I’m known as: A fashion stylist and creative consultant for Live The Process.

My expertise is in: Living.

I stay physically healthy with: A mix of different yoga styles: Iyengar at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, Katonah at The Studio with Abbie Galvin, and hot yoga at Modo. I take classical Pilates at Uptown Pilates and I have to shout out to my amazing teachers at Pilates Nosara, nestled in the jungle in Costa Rica where I go on retreat). I also love Barre3, which to me is an amazing moving meditation. It’s also great to hike and run outside when the weather permits!

Recently, I’ve been learning a lot about the benefits of a ketogenic diet in combination with intermittent fasting; it’s an incredible way to overhaul what and how your body digests and makes energy. It’s tough to get started, but it gets easier over time. I’m a big believer in ayurvedic supplements and am currently taking Amalaki and Shatavari for adrenals and digestion, but I’m also a fan of the Hum vitamin line! 

I keep my emotions balanced with: Nothing fascinates me more than consciousness awakening and understanding how this universe works, so I spend a great deal of time learning about different philosophies, sciences and ideas. One book leads to another and my curiosity is insatiable.

One of the most profound systems of self-knowledge I’ve come across recently is human design. I can honestly say that my life changed once I had my reading. My understanding of myself was forever altered and, since then, I’ve been doing casual readings for friends and everyone is moved by the insights! I highly recommend.

Also, I was blown away by the insights of David Hawkins, Ph.D and his seminal book Power vs. Force, which I think is a must-read for understanding what makes people tick. Without getting into too much detail, I’ve also been sitting in shamanic ceremony with plant medicine and that has also blown my mind right out of my head, so to speak! Chanting Kirtan from the heart at the Bhakti Center and dancing through 5Rhythms are also some of my favorite things to do

I’m intellectually stimulated by: About two years ago, I got onto the Gaia streaming network and became obsessed with all the engrossing programs on offer about spiritual growth and transformation, ancient civilizations and new alternative science. I got to know a lot of the thinkers, philosophers and scientists who are on the cutting edge of transforming how we view the world and ourselves. This information has led to a much more positive and enriching life experience for me and I can’t recommend it enough, especially if one is going through a hard time or feeling lost in this technologically-driven world, which only leads to feelings of isolation and fear. A good entry-point show would be Open Minds with Regina Meredith, who is like the Oprah Winfrey of the new age talk show circuit! She always interviews the most fascinating people!

I was recently transformed by: Recently, I was lucky enough to experience a sound bath by Tom Kenyon, who is not only a truly gifted singer, but also an intuitive channeler whose sounds are literally transcendent. It was a five-hour sound odyssey that was so indescribably profound and divine that I could barely move, breath or speak afterwards. Let me just say that I felt utterly different and had such beautiful visions that, even months after, I’m still unpacking their significance.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: My sacred self-care routines before bed include pranayama, foam rolling and myofascial release, as well as gua sha on my face for anti-aging! It all takes time and effort, but it’s so worth it. 

Here’s how you can do it too: My biggest recommendation for people is to start with something simple. I think all of this can be so overwhelming and daunting that people just never get around to doing anything at all. The simple truth is, if you don’t ever do anything differently, you can’t expect anything in your life to change. If you always have the same routines and the same attitudes, your life, beliefs and relationships will always remain the same. You have to start to make small changes—one stone at a time, you can lay a new path.

Maybe you can begin journaling each morning with a sentence that starts like this: “I’m so happy and grateful for...” and just watch as it gets easier and easier to appreciate all the wonderful things around you and in your life, even if it starts with appreciating your dog, the weather or the fact that you’re healthy! Or perhaps you can commit to a new exercise class that you’ve never tried before. These days, there are so many options—from boxing to Kundalini. Or you can just try sitting in stillness with your eyes closed for five minutes every day and watch how you start to look forward to it and want to sit for longer. Whichever method or modality is calling to you, just try something new and see your life begin to change! 

It helps me live my process because: To me, this human experience is all about how to transcend the ego mind to get back to feeling spiritually connected. The ego mind keeps us locked out, forever looking out to the external, endlessly judging, analyzing and trying to control other people and circumstances to suit ourselves. My lesson has been to learn how to relax, allow what is, trust that the universe will show me the way and know that I can’t control anything besides my own attitude. And if I can sit in stillness and taste that inner bliss, I’ll enjoy each and every moment of my life so much more.

Take a moment to learn more about Natasha Royt’s journey here.

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