One To Grow On

One To Grow On

Growing up, in school, we’re taught about nature in scientific terms, about the role it plays in our world and our lives. But, for me, as time went on, nature came to mean so much more. It offers a magic and wonder that is so complex in its simplicity—from sweeping landscapes to brilliant colors and intricate patterns, all representing different forms of unparalleled beauty.

Being connected to nature and understanding the significance of the natural harmony between humans and nature is a baseline for living. As Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” We are looked after by nature and in return we must do the same, working to protect it. When we discover nature, we are in essence discovering ourselves. When we are disconnected from it, often, we have trouble connecting to our authentic selves.

For April, at Live The Process, as spring finally arrives, we’re celebrating all things plant-based, exploring the key role nature plays and the way nature is now being harnessed in nourishing foods, beauty products, medicines, teas and people’s lifestyles. For us, it’s about enjoying these simple pleasures and being thoughtful about how we choose to integrate them throughout our lives, so we are able to find true balance and strength. When we are conscious in our consumption, we can find harmony. When we are slow and intentional, always acting with purpose, we find a true stability.

Staying connected to the rhythms and laws of nature teaches us gratitude, as well, as Earth is our gift and lifeline. It’s not just about celebrating the planet during a single day or month; it’s about prioritizing sustainability and being a caring citizen every single day.

x Robyn

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