Once Upon a Mattress

Once Upon a Mattress

My name is: Linus Adolfsson.

My stomping ground is: Soho, NYC.

I’m known for being: Founder @TheSleepSpa

I'm talking about: Hastens has been building sleeping instruments by hand in Sweden for 170 years. It’s been owned by the Ryde family since its inception in 1852. Hastens is often is referred to as “Hermes” for your bedroom. 

Every Hastens is built to last between 50 and 100 years and, in Sweden, it is known as the most impactful instrument in your life. 

We host future patrons at our Sleep Spa, who are picked up by one of our drivers and escorted to and from the experience. Every session is a 45-minute journey where guests are enlightened about sleep and rejuvenation by one of our certified sleep experts who always have their own special relationship with and passion for sleep.

During your session, you are guided to a state of complete weightlessness which means that we have eliminated all your pressure points. Once we have selected and calibrated you into the right tension, we place you onto your Hastens and ask for the privilege of being responsible for your sleep for the next 50 years. 

For the first 30 years, we have a complimentary program where our “bed drs” that have been trained in Sweden will visit your home twice a year to massage and re-calibrate your piece, so it feels like new and is ideal for your current state in life. We love welcoming patrons into our Hastens family and introducing them to the next dimensions of being awake.    

You can find it at: We have four Sleep Spas in Manhattan, four in Los Angeles and one in Connecticut. We are opening in Palo Alto, CA in June.   

Before I launched this, I was: I started my first Hastens Sleep Spa with my business partner Jacob Koo in Beverly Hills when I was 21 years old and studying at the University of Southern California, so this has been my life’s work.

My interest was sparked when: I moved to LA for school and realized that many Americans subscribed to the philosophy, “we’ll sleep when we’re dead.” In Sweden, we believe that sleep is a magical, rejuvenating journey that we take every night. We heal our body, digest our day and dive into our dream state where we connect with our unconscious mind.  

Sleep is something that I long for and enjoy, and it has a very special place in my heart. The feeling of waking up fully rested and ready to enjoy everything that life has in store is my dream and I am fortunate to experience it every day!  

What inspired me to start this was: In Los Angeles, people believed that their car was more important than the oasis where you heal your body, which was unbelievable to me. Your bed is the sanctuary that you share with the people that you love; it is the heart of your home and the throne of your life.  

The idea behind it is: We ask for the privilege of being responsible for our community members’ sleep for the next 50 years. While a conventional mattress store proposes a one-night stand where you make a purchase and leave forever. We consider every transaction similar to a wedding, and we make every decision with the intention of this lasting a lifetime and us playing a major role in our community members’ lives.  

Our business is built on referrals and, on average, every Hastens patron refers two friends, family members or colleagues every year.  

What makes it different is: Loving the relationship and being open and connected to solving every potential challenge. We hold our patrons’ hands during their transition into what many believe to be the most impactful purchase in their life.  

Our secret ingredient is: Passion and the humble knowledge that our 170 years of research and dedication to excellence makes us world-leading in an industry that people are just starting to grasp. Our business has been growing every year by double digits since we started in 2007. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is: Many of our patrons refer to our sleep spa as “Disney Land for adults.” Being nurtured, heard and cared for by people that have expertise, passion and understanding is a magical experience at any age. And, yes, we do tuck you in with a duvet and put down booties on your feet during our Sleep Spa experience.  

Sleep is so important because: Longevity starts with not just how many hours that we heal our body, but, more importantly, the quality of our rejuvenation. Many people are not yet enlightened about the fact that just because we’re asleep does not mean we’re sleeping well. Our instrument is the major contributor to the quality of our sleep which is truly reflected by our deep sleep and REM sleep. Many of our patrons find that sleeping fewer hours in your Hastens will make you wake up more rested, since our pieces eliminate your pressure points and provide a support that allows you to reach a new dimension in your healing.  

One key element in combination with support that is a major contributor to your sleep performance is temperature. Hastens means “horse” in Swedish and the reason for that is that we combine individually hand-tied springs with horsehair, wool and cotton.  

Horsehair was discovered by the Vikings to be the only hair in the world that is hollow like a straw. That allows for nature’s own air conditioning system, which lowers your body temperature, thereby lowering your heart rate, which puts you in a calm, relaxed state of mind.  

For us at Hastens, sleeping on latex, foam or other chemicals is unthinkable as we know that nature always does it best. For humans to intervene and create chemical, nature-harming alternatives will always be against our principal of keeping our company 100% natural and sustainable.

My bedtime ritual is: I always honor my day with a warm bath with essential oils before it is time for me to go on my nightly journey. Many are surprised to learn that increasing your body temperature releases nature’s own sleep substance: melatonin. Once your body rises out of the warm bath, your body temperature drops and the hormone is released which puts you in the right state to heal and rejuvenate.

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