A Glimpse at Levo II Oil Infuser

A Glimpse at Levo II Oil Infuser

My name is: Chrissy Bellman.

I’m known for being: founder & CEO of Levo.

I'm talking about: the Levo II Oil Infuser. 

You can find it: in more than 800 stores across the US and Canada. You can also purchase it at Levo Oil.

What makes it special is: Levo is the first device designed to infuse any butter or oil with any herb. Home cooks, chefs, beauty enthusiasts and cannabis users alike enjoy its many uses. It’s a perfect fit for anyone who loves to experiment and craft.

One thing you can’t miss is: Levo II allows you to dry your own herbs. Perfect for home gardeners who find themselves with an excess of fresh herbs! It connects to an app that’s packed with recipe suggestions. Just select your herb and your oil or butter, and you’ll see plenty of ideas to get you going. 

My favorite secret detail is: People aren’t joking when they say hardware is hard! Levo was in the making for six years before we launched our first incarnation to the public. A lot of research, development and testing has gone into getting the current devices where they are today.

Your body will thank you because: Levo gives you control over all the ingredients you put in your infusions. Most consumers don’t know what goes into drying herbs or how the oil infusions you purchase at the store are really made. If dried herbs aren’t organic and non-ETO, they most likely have a sterilization chemical in them. Similarly, it’s difficult to know exactly how the store-bought infusions are made and what chemicals are involved in the infusion process.

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