Juicing Promotes Good Skin

Juicing Promotes Good Skin

When it comes to beauty, what you put inside your body makes an even bigger difference than what you put on it. 

If you eat junk such as sugar or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, even expensive skincare products will not repair or restore the skin. Those foods literally break the body down. A sluggish digestive system causes the skin to look very tired and unhealthy and can also create a buildup of waste and toxicity. This can cause blemishes and other problems like eczema, rosacea, or even psoriasis. 

Instead, here is one of my favorite vegetable juice recipes to drink as a treat, designed to make your skin glow beautifully. I use the NutriBullet juicer, but you can use whatever model you most prefer.



1/2 avocado

1 lemon

2 chili peppers (*If you don’t mind spiciness.)




Spinach or kale


Cayenne pepper

Himalayan sea salt

Alkaline water


photo credits: anastasiya lazurenko, sharolyn joy newton

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