The Fix: Doina Ciobanu

The Fix: Doina Ciobanu

My name is: Doina Ciobanu.

I’m known as: an influencer, activist, director.

My expertise is in: fashion, creative production and political science.

I stay physically healthy with: A healthy mindset! No matter how fit I am or the amount of supplements I’m taking, during the most stressful and mentally exhausting periods in my life, my whole body has broken down—from my immune system to my skin, weight etc. So, my big priority now is learning to be happy and content, which is not always easy. Other than that, I take quite a few supplements: fish oil, immune-building mushrooms, iron, turmeric, magnesium etc. Ever since I was little, I’ve had health problems, so I need an extra kick. In terms of workouts, I love boxing, stretching and paddleboarding. 

I keep my emotions balanced with: The only thing that has helped me is this app called Oak. Last year, when I was in my most stressed period and had insomnia for weeks, it was the only thing that helped me fall asleep. The “mindfulness” practice is my favorite. I also do the “loving kindness” one, once every few weeks. It’s a very bizarre one for me, as it involves expressing a lot of self-love, which I’m not good at and feel uncomfortable with—but it leaves me with an interestingly easy heart.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: documentaries, people I meet with interesting (even different) opinions from mine, genuinely passionate people, but mostly by my fiancé. He has one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered and every day I learn something new from him. 

I was recently transformed by: A friend of mine, who gender transitioned, took to social media to be very honest with people about her experience and struggle with the surgery itself. It was beautiful and honest. That made me realize that the way we now communicate can be so much more real. You don’t have to be worried about reactions; there will always be people who have negative responses no matter what you do or don’t do— just like there will always be people who support and connect with you.

Social media can be just as supportive and constructive as it can be destructive. But if you’re honest with people and you have the strength of character to not take the blows personally, our modern communication platforms can be hugely beneficial.

Doina is wearing the Wrap Top in Smokey Blue and the Boy Short in Wave Blue

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: I’ve been traveling so much for work, always on different time zones and with different wakeup calls. But what has helped me stay healthy and happy has been daily breathing exercises with meditation. And, honestly, I can’t believe I’m saying this because I used to be someone who thought meditation was an absolute waste of time and improved mental health is overrated. That has completely changed with age, and now I’ve learned that our whole body’s functionality is tied to our mental state.

Here’s how you can do it too: My meditation is very low-maintenance. I only take 10 minutes a day to do the breathing and meditation, and it just helps me so much. I have also learned to deal with stressful situations the same way, so, when I’m out of breath and anxious, I stop and do my breathing exercises that I’ve learned from Oak.

Also, I’ve radically reduced my intake of coffee, which used to be up to six cups a day. Now, when I wake up, I have green tea and try to consume tea throughout the day.

This helps me live my process because: It has taught me to see life in the moment rather than work and wait for the next achievement or the next exciting thing. The most exciting thing we ever experience is life itself, and its every moment is a miracle. 

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Doina Ciobanu’s journey here.

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