An Escape to the New Evexia Spa

An Escape to the New Evexia Spa

My name is: Consuelo Saroyan.

I'm known for being: Spa director of Andronis Exclusive Spas in Santorini, Greece—the most luxurious boutique hotels on the island.

I’m talking about: Evexia Spa at Andronis Arcadia, the newest addition to our brand.

This is special because: Evexia, which means “wellness” in ancient Greek, is truly a temple of well-being. We offer exceptionally high-caliber body and facial treatments. One standout offering is the high-tech Hair Profile Test, which provides a detailed synopsis of guests’ well-being by analyzing their hair follicles.

The spa’s natural setting is also unique: Every treatment room has a view of the beautiful blue Aegean sea; sunlight and water are everywhere. A water path leads guests through hot and cold aqua experiences. Even the yoga classes overlook the sea!

When it comes to well-being, we’re all about: Creating experiences that guests will remember forever. Every detail, ritual and protocol at the spa has been conceived with the pure intention of nurturing our guests’ senses and souls. We want visitors to connect with themselves and with the beauty and energy of Santorini through our therapies and massages. The spa faces the most private and breathtaking sunset spot in Oia, offering an unforgettable, peaceful and meditative space for contemplation.

One thing you can’t miss is: The sound healing session at sunset in our cozy relaxation area. Guests can recline and meditate atop hammocks, pillows and heavenly daybeds.

My favorite secret detail is: Evexia elixir tea, a blend of traditional Greek herbs that we serve before and after all treatments. Our guests love it! Another secret detail is our beauty corner: We offer manicures and pedicures outdoors in a beautiful kiostro, so guests can enjoy the most extraordinary views of the natural landscape and the Aegean sea.

Your body will thank you because: The spa will nurture your well-being, beauty and soul. We offer a range of therapies, massages, facials, high-tech treatments, fitness programs, yoga classes and meditations; plus, we host visiting practitioners from all over the world, including acupuncturist Ross Barr, yogi Kino MacGregor, Dr. Ali Mosraf for marma therapy, Denise Leicester for sound healing and many more.

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must try: Our sister property, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, which is home to award-winning Kallos Spa— with a different concept and style than Evexia. Additionally, guests staying at Andronis Arcadia should experience the philosopher-inspired menu at Opson restaurant.

Escaping should be part of your process because: Taking time for yourself allows you to better give time to others, including your family, partner, friends and coworkers. Escaping nourishes the mind and body and helps you maintain a healthy life.

Escaping is part of my process because: It is essential for me to experience what my guests will find in our wellness programs and offerings. I always try to live in the moment and experience the creative spaces, whether that means a sunrise yoga class or a sunset meditation session. Creativity is the act of observing where and how the energy flows and manifests, more than controlling where it’s directed. Escaping is a luxury and such an act of self-love!

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