A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

Many people think of roses as simply decorative or sweet smelling, but the flowers are actually used around the world in herbal medicine. In fact, the petals are one of my very favorite plant remedies.

We've harvested and dried baskets full of rose petals from the garden this year to make plant-based skin care products, cordials and tea. We also keep them on hand to treat minor issues like bites, stings and sunburns. 

Used topically, rose petals are cooling and anti-inflammatory. On the skin, they reduce redness by drawing out heat and soothing the tissues. They also lessen swelling and, being astringent, tone and tighten. These qualities make them excellent for use on beestings in particular. In fact, rose is my personal go-to remedy: I just crush up a small handful of petals and apply it to the effected area. The pain and redness are gone in a matter of minutes.

These same benefits are also fantastic for skincare. If you experience any sort of heat, redness, irritation or puffiness, then rose petals are the perfect things to apply. 

When taken internally as a tea, tincture or cordial, rose petals have a calming effect and ease anxiety. They actually nourish and build the nervous system. In other words, roses build up your strength, while, at the same time, producing a sense of calm.

photo credits: julia morozova, barnaby hutchins

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