A Palm Beach Retreat for Mindfulness / Body & Soul

A Palm Beach Retreat for Mindfulness / Body & Soul

My name is: Susan Harrison.

I'm known for being: founder of SusanSweats.

I’m hosting a retreat called: Mindfulness: Body & Soul.

It’s located at: The Colony Hotel, 155 Hammon Ave., Palm Beach, FL; (561) 655-5430; April 26-29, 2018.

I was drawn to this spot because: The Colony Hotel is iconic and has always been a favorite of mine. When the new owners asked me to get involved, I jumped at the chance. It’s the perfect marriage between natural beauty, locale and elegant ease. Palm Beach is a short flight from New York City, and The Colony feels like home. It is family-owned and operated, so each guest really feels special and embraced from the moment they step on the property. That’s rare in this day and age. I wanted to share that with people.

This retreat is special because: I wanted to offer something holistic and focused on the entire person, as opposed to a standard yoga retreat and nutrition/fitness outing with a fitness influencer. Those are great, but I felt we needed something deeper and more meaningful because we are all busier than we have ever been and, let's face it, the world seems to offer a new challenge each day. We need, now more than ever, to unplug and engage ourselves in something good for our body and our soul, something practical that we can take back and apply to our everyday lives. I wanted to bring the idea of mindfulness to the forefront when thinking about wellness. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Kimberly Caspare, founder of Phlex NYC, and her team with us, not only educate us on our bodies and how they move, but to meet individually with each guest and provide a bio-mechanical assessment along with a customized plan for fitness, movement and recovery. Workout guru Seth Maynard, who is director of fitness for Switch Playground USA, will be leading both HIIT and more focused low-intensity workouts for all levels and ages. His positive energy and ability to connect with every type of person is infectious and so motivating. Dyan Tsiumis is a certified nutritionist and a meditation expert in Tibetan singing bowls. Her practice is unique, and I haven’t found anything I have connected with more for meditation, as it truly engages you on a multi-sensory level. Finally, the blessing in our backyard is Martin Marks, founder of Palm Beach Yoga Shala, who is truly incredible and will be leading our Vinyasa Flow both days.  

Because we are staying at The Colony, the food and wine will, of course, be amazing. This isn’t a weight loss weekend, and it’s not about going without. It’s about nurturing your whole self. Yes, all the food is curated by a nutritionist and is healthy, but the idea is to enjoy, while we are also feeding our minds and our souls.

One thing you can’t miss is: An acupuncture session with the Phlex therapist. When I am feeling stressed, they are my go-to.

Your body will thank you because: You need to educate yourself on how to heal yourself. There is power in knowing your own body and understanding what it can do. The more you bring that knowledge and power into your life, the healthier, happier and more “well” you will be. True wellness comes from knowing yourself and loving yourself.

I never retreat without bringing: A journal. I love to write down the thoughts and ideas I have during the weekend. You would be surprised by the inspiration you experience when you are engaged and unplugged!

Retreating is part of my process because: I am running my own business while raising young boys in New York City, so my downtime is sparse and precious. Retreats are the perfect way to optimize the time I do have away. It’s also a gift not only to myself, but to my family; I come back happier and more relaxed!

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