A Little Give: Neada Deters

A Little Give: Neada Deters

My name is: Neada Deters.

I’m known for being: The founder of organic, non-binary skincare line, Lesse.

For me, giving back to the world and my loved ones is important because: We’re all in it together—and each of us has more impact on the people around us and the planet that sustains us than we know.

Receiving is also so essential because: Learning how to graciously accept love or appreciation from others is a fundamental lesson of life. I struggle with this, but know it’s incredibly important.

In this challenging time, what helps me cope is: Long walks, limited screen time and finding ways to participate in larger political and social conversations.

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, I feel: More myself than I have ever felt in activewear.

One way I’m going to help others feel that way too this season is: To focus on gifts that bring comfort despite the times—and I'll also be shopping with independent brands, who manufacture ethically and sustainably.

Read more about Neada's story here.

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