A Glimpse at La Vie en Rose Kombucha

A Glimpse at La Vie en Rose Kombucha

My name is: Atanas Krachmarov.

I’m known for being: the founder of Ecomaat. We’re located in a secluded, mountainous region in Bulgaria, home to the world’s finest blossoms. Roses have been cultivated here for centuries; our gardens thrive due to the unique climate and terrain.

I'm helping to launch: Ecomaat's La Vie en Rose Kombucha this past May, which marks the official start of the rose harvest season. Right now, our fields are lush with fragrant flowers. 

You can find it at: ShopEcomaat.

What makes it special is: Our organic kombucha is the only one on the market that contains super-critically extracted, organic rose essences and essential oils. There are approximately between 900 and 1,400 organic rose petals in each bottle, and Ecomaat owns the entire production process, from growing the organic crops all the way to bottling. We ensure that every step meets our rigorous in-house standards, yielding products fresh from our farm that are highly potent and safe to use.

One thing you can’t miss is: The refreshing taste with light rose flavor.

Your body will thank you because: Our organic kombucha offers all of the health benefits of roses and traditional kombucha formulas. Its drinkable Rosa damascena essences and essential oils promote skin brightness and clarity. The natural aroma and revitalizing taste will lift your spirits and energy levels. Rich in living probiotics, this beverage helps to enhance digestion and promote detoxification. It is preservative-free, toxin-free and EU certified 100% organic.

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