A Glimpse at Enso

A Glimpse at Enso

My name is: Rebecca Goldman.

I’m known for being: founder and CEO of Enso.

I'm helping to launch: Enso, a new way to share love. Hold your heart—or the heart of someone you love. 

You can find it at: our online store, ShareEnso

What makes it special is: With Enso, we can feel the comforting pulse of a loved one’s heartbeat from across the world. We can save and keep their heartbeat, so that we always have them with us. We can even use Enso to give ourselves love, to tune into our own heartbeat, breathe and relax. 

Enso is changing lives around the world by connecting families with loved ones near and far, supporting the healing of veterans and first responders experiencing PTSD, helping schoolchildren develop self-regulation and empathy and enhancing wellness, yoga and meditation practices.

One thing you can’t miss is: Engrave Enso with a personal message for someone you love. Enso is a unique and thoughtful gift for holidays and special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings—especially for the person who has everything.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: Inspired by the soothing shape of a river stone, Enso is crafted from sustainably harvested maple wood and finished by hand. It comes in a beautiful box made of recycled wildflower seed paper, nestled in compostable cornstarch-based foam. You can plant the box to grow wildflowers! 

Your body will thank you because: Enso helps us share love with ourselves and others, making it effortless to reconnect with our bodies, stay present and deepen our personal relationships.

Here's how it works. Enso senses and pulses with your heartbeat to center you in your body. Beautiful glowing lights guide you to breathe deeply, to create focus and calm. The lights shift colors with your heart rate to build awareness. Save the heartbeat of someone you love, or share your heartbeat in real-time, via the app.

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