Winning The Process

Winning The Process

Thirty days have flown by! I hope you’ve enjoyed Giving The Process, our annual experience that facilitates a new view in your new year. Just in putting it together, I feel like I discovered so much.

Sometimes, when it comes to change or even re-energizing, getting started is the hardest part; and I love being able to curate a selection of some of my favorites products, people and services to help support others on their journey.

Every year, it’s a challenge to narrow down the list, as there are just so many amazing things happening in wellness, healing and self-care out there. At Live The Process, we’re just trying to do our part, keeping all things positive and breaking down boundaries, while staying true to ourselves.

The process (no pun intended—well, maybe a little?) sometimes seems to take care of itself, as the 30-day list unfurls in its organic order, creating what feels like a roadmap to the coming year—almost like an indicator of what’s to come.

This year felt especially successful, as the array of offerings included so many incredible one-on-one services for self-exploration and growth: astrological and tarot readings, energy healing, nutritional consulting, intuitive life coaching, virtual yoga and meditation sessions and more. Even the products, from new Caraway cookware to Tata Harper’s latest serum (which launches tomorrow!), felt like incredible discoveries designed to improve the everyday through experience and ritual. 

Most of the time, doing something small each day is all we can expect from ourselves; and those small acts lead to big changes. Life is a process and patience, hard work and knowing that the universe is watching may keep you aligned on that optimistic path to your best self.

Congratulations to the lucky winner, who gets to indulge and really connect with the part of themself who knows that they are worth it. And congratulations to everyone who discovered something new in our January list that will help support self-care and clarity in 2020!

x Robyn

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