Gift 4 — Royal Ghee

Gift 4 — Royal Ghee

This January, we are Giving The Process: For each of the first 30 days of the month, we’re highlighting something—and someone—amazing in the wellness world, representing the beauty, health, style, creative, energetic and/or spiritual boost you need to start the New Year as your most positive and inspired self. On January 31, one charmed readers will win one of every item and ritual we highlight, including a $1,000 gift card for Live The Process!

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit—sign ups for our newsletter, follow us on IG and tell us how you’re hoping to make taking care of your physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual self a priority this year—to make 2020 about self-care without guilt.

Today’s gift is Royal Ghee.

My name is: Alle Weil.

I’m known for being: Holistic nutritionist, Royal Ghee creator and alchemist, artist and reiki practitioner.

I'm sharing: Our equally decadent and nutritious Royal Ghee spreads made from pastured ghee, raw wildflower honey and functional herbs.

You can find it at: and various retailers nationwide including Erewhon (LA) and

What inspired me to create it/develop it was: I have a history of chronic symptoms ranging from depression, painful cycles and poor digestion; my story is so deeply attached to what I do for a living and my desire to help others better themselves. My product is an extension of my methodology. I wanted something that could satisfy my cravings without disrupting my health—and even boost it. 

What makes it special is: Our products are inspired by Ayurveda and Eastern modalities, but made for modern living. I wanted to incorporate ingredients that we, as Westerners, already use and love, but at the same time don’t get enough of in our daily diets. There are over 20 organic and wildcrafted targeted ingredients in the original flavor and, while both that and the Royal Ghee Gold are full of herbs such as young grasses, seaweeds, algae and mushrooms, they taste delicious and are meant to boost all the foods you already love—from sweet to savory.

One thing you can’t miss is: There is so much education behind the product. While Royal Ghee can be reduced to a ghee and honey herbal spread, each of these ingredients are so impactful on their own and synergistically, as well. Ghee, on its own, is such a medicinal substance. Free of casein and lactose, even people with dairy allergies can usually use and benefit from it. It’s gently detoxifying, while also making the ingredients submerged in it more bioavailable to the body. There’s quite a lot of my practice that went into the creation: ensuring the ratio of honey to ghee would be beneficial to most doshas, incorporating a broad spectrum of ingredients and balancing the five bodily elements energetically and in flavor.

Your body will thank you because: We all need a boost wherever we can get it. Royal Ghee provides an instant boost of energy, gentle detoxification and inflammation support, while cultivating immunity and inner glow. Our ingredients are also culled from the best quality organic and wildcrafted sources we can find. 

This will help you prioritize your own health, joy and energy this year because: My goal in creating Royal Ghee was to meet the users wherever they are at in their health journeys, allowing them to feel completely guiltless. I wanted to supply deep nutrition and flavor in one, while adapting its use to their current and changing lifestyles—not the other way around. Boost your snacks, coffee lattes and tonics, desserts, veggies, smoothies, soups, bone broths and whatever else you desire!

My favorite personal short ritual for self-care in 2020 is: I plan to slooow down. As an entrepreneur and health practitioner, I sometimes feel like I yo-yo between what I know I should be doing and what I think I need to do for my business to grow. I’ve learned, though, that it’s all in my head. The more present I am, allowing the space and focus for each step, challenge, experience, etc., the more value I receive from it. This is so true when it comes to my meals and nourishment, as well as my emotional well-being. The simplest of meals seem to taste better when savored; and I am able to process how I really feel so much more deeply when I really allow myself to experience them fully.

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