Gift 29 — Caraway’s Non-Toxic Ceramic Cookware Set

Gift 29 — Caraway’s Non-Toxic Ceramic Cookware Set

This January, we are Giving The Process: For each of the first 30 days of the month, we’re highlighting something—and someone—amazing in the wellness world, representing the beauty, health, style, creative, energetic and/or spiritual boost you need to make yourself a priority in the new year—and decade. On January 31, one charmed follower will win one of every item and ritual we highlight, including a $1,000 gift card for Live The Process!

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Today’s gift is Caraway’s Non-Toxic Ceramic Cookware Set.

My name is: Jordan Nathan.

I’m known for being: Founder & CEO, Caraway.

I'm sharing: Caraway’s Non-Toxic Ceramic Cookware Set.

You can find it: Online at and in-person at Naked Retail in NYC.

What inspired me to develop it was: The three main tenets we wanted to address when developing Caraway were: offering completely non-toxic and eco-friendly cookware, designing products that make life and cooking easier and creating a suite of products that look beautiful in any home. Most quality cookware is overpriced, the shopping experience is confusing with so many different sized pans and materials and everything looks exactly the same (not to mention the hassle of storing a 16+ piece set). Critically, the majority of cookware on the market contains harmful chemicals (i.e. Teflon®) and is produced using methods that are detrimental to the environment.

What makes it special is: Based on feedback from surveying and talking to thousands of people, we realized that there wasn’t a cookware brand out there that thought about how their products interacted with customers holistically, from when they are using them to when they aren’t. That’s why we created our stackless storage system for pans and a lid holder that attaches to the vacant interior of your cabinet. Before your cookware even arrives, we share tips and tricks for using it, cleaning it and maintaining it for the long-term.

One thing you can’t miss is: We take sustainability very seriously. From the production of our cookware (which releases significantly less CO2 than traditional non-stick pans) to our recycled packaging (free of single-use plastics and styrofoam), we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Your body will thank you because: There’s a very high chance you own a pan that is made with Teflon®, a harmful “forever chemical” that, once ingested, can stay in your system for the next eight to 10 years and lead to a variety of health problems with constant exposure. Our non-toxic cookware set is coated with ceramic, which is derived from natural minerals and free of PFOAs, PTFEs, lead, cadmium, nickel and toxic metals.

This will help you prioritize your own health, joy and energy this year because: Many of us invest in healthy ingredients, but don’t really consider what we’re cooking them on or in. Our cookware is designed to be as healthy as your ingredients and be an important part of a consciously healthy lifestyle.

My favorite personal short ritual for self-care in 2020 is: Perhaps not too surprisingly, it’s cooking. It’s an activity that takes my mind off of work and is something my fiancé and I try to do every night to spend time together.

Cover image by Nareg Taimoorian with Keisuke Shoda and Studio The Boy Blue  

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