Gift 24 — One-Year Infinity Call Membership

Gift 24 — One-Year Infinity Call Membership

This January, we are Giving The Process: For each of the first 30 days of the month, we’re highlighting something—and someone—amazing in the wellness world, representing the beauty, health, style, creative, energetic and/or spiritual boost you need to make yourself a priority in the new year—and decade. On January 31, one charmed follower will win one of every item and ritual we highlight, including a $1,000 gift card for Live The Process!

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit—sign ups for our newsletter, follow us on IG and tell us how you’re hoping to make taking care of your physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual self a priority this year—to make 2020 about self-care without guilt.

Today’s gift is an Infinity Call Membership of One-Year.

My name is: Kelly Morris.

I’m known for being: The founder and voice of The Infinity Call, an international, Gaia-based, sacred feminine meditation service for women only, which I created 5 years ago.

I'm sharing: A membership to The Infinity Call.

You can find it at: A new “Infinity Meditation” is posted at 4am PST, Monday through Friday, and it’s up for 24 hours. All you need to connect from anywhere in the world is a cell phone and wifi. True freedom. 

What inspired me to create it was: I saw the need for women to gather, connect and come home to each other. Sisterhood tends to be in short supply in patriarchy! Many women drank the Kool-Aid called “compare and compete” and now ape the falsehoods perpetrated by the white, cis men who constitute the ruling class. 

My Infinity Call upends this unacceptable arrangement, returning women to their original template—the one beneath the smiles, bright eyes and heels we are forced to deploy to, you know, not be killed by a disgruntled date. We get to come home to ourselves. We now have hundreds of women around the world. It’s magical!

Women needed a safe place—a place to be themselves, to be free of self-consciousness, of fear, of anxiety. A place where no man is permitted, an inner sanctum, a hideaway, a secret.

What makes it special is: There are no men in sight. Rare. Like a unicorn.

One thing you can’t miss is: Our monthly Infinity Pop-Ups! I cover topics like how to strengthen your aura, how to sit without breaking your back and and cursing the Buddha, what “anger” is and how to use it to fortify your boundaries—whatever our subscribers desire.

Your body will thank you because: You’ve heard all the benefits, but have you reaaaaally listened? 

Slow aging, master stress, improve sleep, beat addiction, relieve pain, extinguish inflammation, boost endorphins, boost serotonin, boost growth hormones, allow the body to heal faster, allow for deep relaxation, boost GABA, boost DHEA, boost melatonin, boost antioxidant function, reduce cortisol and sleeplessness, provide more energy, increase libido, strengthen immunity, lengthen telomeres. I mean, if you’re not meditating, who took your brain?

This will help you prioritize your own health, joy and energy this year because: Women simply don’t take time for themselves, let alone prioritize themselves. Between family, work, dating, friends and dealing with the fact that Rump is prez, women are running on empty—about to collapse. Depression rates are soaring. Patriarchy puts the well-being of women last. No one is coming to fix this, ladies. Goddess sent us. Together we rise!

My favorite personal short ritual for self-care in 2020 is: Gaia is making me take a giant, deep dish salt bath every day! I don’t even like baths. But…she was right. I realized when I am in that deep, salty bath, I am in Her. May sound wacky but mmmm, it’s heavenly!

Image courtesy of Atelier Aveus 

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