Clarity for the New Year

Clarity for the New Year

Every so often, I like to close my eyes and think back to my original intention when the concept for Live The Process first began to form nine years ago. I allow an inner dialogue to unfold in my mind based on my intuition. I generally trust those instincts, as they’ve gotten me here, to this point, today.

I ask myself: Am I still passionate? Is this what I still want for my life? Am I being true to myself and needs? Sometimes it’s a yes and sometimes a no.

When the answer is no, I ask myself what can I do better or what changes I can make that will better suit what I need. This year, I turned to spiritual self-care essentials a lot, delving into crystal healing training, energy work, astrological teachings, various types of bodywork and, of course, my yoga practice and nutrition. These all helped me to stay grounded, clear and focused, even as I confronted the unforeseeable changes that—to put it lightly—rocked my world and turned everything upside down. Sometimes it all has to breakdown around you in order for you to have a breakthrough.

The changes were intense from the beginning and are still ongoing. Sometimes, I feel that life is shifting on such a vast level that it’s hard for me to keep up. Change, for me, is extremely hard. I don’t like endings. I get attached to situations, whether good or bad, and I like the idea of being in control and keeping things consistent. But I also know that the only constant in life is change and I am learning how to let life happen, more than try to steer it, as the universe has its own plan for each of us. It’s best to let it unfold, while working to stay true to ourselves.

My underlying goal, this whole time, has been to focus on finding and living the process. For me, that means really concentrating on how to live the best version of my life. And, this year, that meant letting go, being vocal about my own worth, recognizing that time is the only real thing we have and reminding myself that being selfish is sometimes a positive.

I am naturally inclined to nurture and be supportive; I am loyal, honest, trustworthy and helpful. I want to continue to be that person, but without losing myself in the process. I love to give and it’s hard for me to receive (something I am working on). In the past, that has meant that I avoid asking anything of others when I can help it, but, closing out this year, something has changed inside me me and it feels like I am finally becoming that person I want to be—someone who balances supporting others with nurturing herself. My friendships have changed, as well as my work relationships.

There was so much learning and introspection involved in getting to this place where I can say—and truly believe—that I am thankful for what I have and that I have earned it. Now, I can repeat this to myself and feel inspired each day. With support from so many special people in my life, I have been able to create the most meaningful gift I feel that I can give others: the beauty of living the process. That means being able to connect to the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual parts of ourselves and, through that, feel completely whole and empowered.

As some of you may know, every January, we hold our annual Giving The Process campaign. For each of the first 30 days of the month, we highlight an incredibly special person, service or item that we feel can help us all Live The Process more fully in the coming year. On the last day of January, one lucky follower wins one of each tool we’ve featured. (To enter, simply sign up for our newsletter here and, in January, let us know in Instagram comments about what your favorite personal ritual for self-care is for 2020.) This year, in keeping with the lessons I’ve learned, the theme of GTP is putting yourself first, taking care of your own needs and making time for self-exploration, so that you can better support others and move forward—turning ideas into actions.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow and support our journey. For 2020, it’s about finding clarity and really seeing everything as it is, so that the foundation that we have created can support growth and evolution into the next phase. There are so many exciting things that I know this year will bring, both personally and professionally for us all.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!

x Robyn


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  • Thank you for sharing. I loved the following…that means being able to connect to the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual parts of ourselves and, through that, feel completely whole and empowered.

    Lisa Cronin
  • For 2020, my personal ritual for self-care is listening to my mind, spirit, and body to create a safe haven for continuing living my best life with gratitude. I am going full steam ahead with using my ambitious nature to reach my career and personal goals. I have consulted with a professional to assist me with yoga/energy work and to start my nonprofit. One of my biggest life lessons has been that self-care is any practice that puts you in line with your destiny. Cheers to happy, loving, and successful new decade!

    Tiffany Jones

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