The Fix: Monica Simone

The Fix: Monica Simone

My name is: Monica Simone. The name that I was given in the Mayan tradition is Abuela (Grandmother) Ak’bal Tlahuilquiahuitl.

I’m known as: A spiritual leader, writer and wellness expert. 

My experience is: As a medicine woman for the past 30 years, I have developed different techniques and healing processes from natural medicine and from different cultures. 

As a writer with six published books, I have become a guide in processes of spiritual transformation of the feminine essence, developing workshops, retreats and activities for connecting with inner feminine power. In this time of need for digital connection, I post videos of rituals and activities that contribute to spiritual awakening at

As a spiritual leader at the Hotel Chablé Yucatàn, I perform ceremonies and healings developed using science, philosophy and Mayan spirituality to help guide guests toward deep revelations—from encounters with their own nature to the wisdom of our ancestors.

I stay physically healthy with: Exercises in connection with the elements of nature and meditations. I regulate my hours of rest, work, enjoyment and relationships. I take contemplative walks, listening to the messages of nature. I use the Earth’s medicine when I need it through medicinal plants, temazcales and purification.

I keep my emotions balanced with: I consult the energy of the K’iin (of the Mayan calendar) to take advantage of each specific day and I perform daily meditations to tune into the force of the K’iin with my own emotions. (The videos of the meditations are on my YouTube.) 

I’m Intellectually stimulated by: Continuous studying and research of sacred Mayan mathematics, geometry, language and the different ceremonies that we develop together with the Council of Elders and Mayan Priests of Yucatàn.  Additionally, I am intellectually stimulated by learning from masters like Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Masami Saionji and many more. 

I was recently transformed by: The “Moon Dance,” a spiritual activity only for women that helped me to deepen my knowledge about my own feminine essence and to accompany other women on this path of self-knowledge and self-realization. 

This ancient dance was developed with by women who spent the whole year preparing to meet to “Dance to the Moon” and reunite in the feminine essence and the magic that “Grandmother Moon” gives us.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: To open my perception more every day, listening to the messages of the nature that surrounds me. For example, as I walk and listen to a bird singing, I pay attention to the thought I was having at the time I started listening. In this way, I can relate the thought with the song and pay attention to the message that bird is giving me.

Here’s how you can do it too: When you open your perception to the messages, it is like being able to read a new language, that of the symbols that tell you which is the correct path. You just have to stop focusing only on yourself to open up to the messages of life. You can see the message, listen to it and perceive it through the senses. For example, when you notice a change in the wind or see a flower, pay attention to what you are thinking at that moment and there you can see the message that that flower gives you.

It helps me to live my process because: It connects me to my own nature with the life around me. I receive messages from the universe that do not need the filter of my mind. I can observe, through my inner perception, my own divinity connected with the infinite field of possibilities that life gives me every moment.

Take a moment to learn more about Monica Simone’s journey here.

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