The Fix: Arizona Bell + Morgan Garza

The Fix: Arizona Bell + Morgan Garza

Our names are: Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza.

We’re known as:

AB: CEO of Spirit Guides Magazine and author of upcoming book, Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Mystic.

MG: Soul-seeker and author of upcoming book, Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Mystic.

Our expertise is in:

AB: Writing, speaking and bringing inspired ideas from the creative space into the physical.

MG: Living in love and being in awe of life. Also writing and community.

We stay physically healthy with:

AB: Long walks on the beach—seriously! Living on a Spanish island makes it very easy to take long, meditative walks in the sunshine every day.

MG: Yoga and hiking, although I haven’t been able to do much recently as I had surgery on my ankle this summer.

We keep my emotions balanced with:

AB: A morning ritual of reading, meditation, conscious breathing, and writing. I start my day (with coffee!) reading A Course in Miracles and then meditating on the teaching of that day, combined with a conscious breathing exercise inspired from ancient Hermeticism. Once I’m all “connected” and feeling good, it’s time for journaling “just for me.” If I have extra time, I love pulling a card from my favorite oracle deck, Mystic Art Medicine. This combo keeps me balanced and ready for a day of inspired work—and if I happen to skip the process, I can feel it big time!

MG: Journaling, EFT tapping, yoga, dancing, talking to loved ones, walking in nature, playing with my pup and playing with my intuition.  

We’re intellectually stimulated by:

AB: Reading! I am such a word person that I still prefer books I can hold in my hands over everything. I try and read a non-fiction and fiction book concurrently. I am now reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins (fiction) and Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication (non-fiction)—and both are blowing my mind!

MG: I’ve been loving the series on Netflix called, Explained! Docs are also always a craving of mine. 

I was recently transformed by:

AB: A stay at Enchantment Resort in Sedona. I  lived in Sedona for many years previously, but to go back to the land where I was raised and where my mom’s ashes are spread after traveling the world and living a big life abroad was very humbling. Sometimes going home and leaning into self-acceptance is the greatest transformer.

MG: Breaking my ankle and having surgery this summer. It’s in the darkest places and times that we have to truly face ourselves—no hiding, no joking, nothing but the truth. Not being able to move, and having to rely on everyone to do everything, was humbling and heartbreaking. But what breaks open allows light in, so I learned a lot and cried when I needed to and came out stronger than before. And I realized how incredibly and unconditionally supported I am by the people I love. 

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is:

AB: I mentioned my morning routine earlier, but a ritual I have added in the last few months is to visualize what I want my life to look like in my mind in a very detailed way prior to falling asleep. What we think about before sleep is so important, as it is the best time to rewire our subconscious minds!

MG: EFT Tapping each week with Gala Darling on YouTube started something that has become a daily practice for me. I’ve also gained enough confidence to work with my own scripts to bust through super specific blocks and fears. You wouldn’t think tapping around your body and talking to yourself would be so powerful, but it really is! I start with tapping and breathwork and then I journal and pull cards. 

Here’s how you can do it too:

AB: Buy a copy of the old but timeless Power of Your Subconscious Mind and read it. And then read it again. And one more time for good measure! There are a lot of new age books out there, but I find this one on subconscious autosuggestion to be all anyone truly needs—everything else is commentary!

MG: Check out any EFT Tapping video on YouTube (I highly recommend Gala cause she’s real and rad and pulls tarot cards too) and search by what you’re looking to work through. This could be anything from anxiety to calling in love. Once you’ve tapped, journal on what came up and the difference between how you felt when you started and how you feel after. Then, pull some tarot and/or oracle cards to gain further insight to the topic. Viola!

It helps me live my process because:

AB: Retraining our subconscious mind is the number one way we can heal ourselves and turn our traumas into triumphs. We get stuck in a loop of trauma bonds if we do not retrain our brains, so working at this consciously makes living the process that much easier!

MG: I deeply believe in the need for both light and dark in life. This ritual helps me access and acknowledge the darkness within that is so easy to either get lost in or ignore altogether. We have made a phrase kind of a tagline, but mostly life motto: love, light and black holes. 

Image by KangHee Kim via @tinycactus

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