Reach For The Sky

Reach For The Sky

My name is:

Krissy Jones.

I’m known for being:

Owner of Sky Ting, yoga teacher, wellness expert. 

I’m talking about:

Sky Ting Studio in NYC and our online subscription platform, Sky Ting TV.

Our method is all about being accessible and sharing practical tools for well-being and joy.

Sky Ting TV is for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of yoga, meditation and breathwork classes, plus live zoom classes.

You can find us at:; at the Chinatown studio in NYC (17 Allen St, 7th floor); and leading pop-up classes at Live The Process HQ.

Before I started this work, I was:

Movement has always been my way of expression, a means to feel most like my most authentic self. I’m a trained dancer and moved into the yoga world when I landed in NYC after college. I have always been interested in the innate intelligence of the body and how it interacts with the mind and spirit. I’m aware of the profound power of community and connection, and sharing this love for movement and health with others fills me up with joy and purpose.

My interest was sparked when: 

I’ve always been curious about the connections between mind, body and spirit, and have always sought mystical experiences. When I was younger, I would get lost in movement in dance classes and my brain would sometimes flip over into a state of moving meditation, almost like in a trance, which is a feeling I remember chasing and trying to recreate. Chasing this feeling sparked my interest in yoga, and my mentor Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga helped me nurture my engagement with myself in my twenties. Nevine studied comparative religion and is trained in yoga Taoism, and other mystical practices, and taught me how to have a meaningful personal practice and see life through a less mundane lens. I studied with her for years before opening Sky Ting in 2015.

The idea behind it is:

My methodology of yoga is lighthearted, practical and loving, focused on giving people tools to participate in their own well-being through movement, breathwork and meditation. My style is an embodiment practice that has to be experienced in the body. My practice is based in TCM and Katonah Yoga, but I pull from different lineages and use metaphor to spark people’s imaginations. 

To me, the body is the instrument, the mind is the musician and the breath is the melody. You need all three to be well-trained and well-attuned to have a transcendental experience. So, I teach techniques for people to organize themselves, renovate themselves and have a dialogue with themselves. I teach people practical things about the organs and glands, what their different functions and emotions are and how to take care of them. How to floss muscles and joints, and how to use the breath to sweep the mind. My goal is ultimately for my students to build a personal practice through which to experience being well-rounded and well-adjusted.

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

Something core and perhaps unspoken to my brand and vision is that there has always got to be a sprinkle of fun and joy to everything within Sky Ting, from the giraffe in the space to the colors we use, to the music we play in class. If the practice isn’t enjoyable, one is less likely to develop a regular practice, which is the point of what I’m trying to encourage. Yoga is a lot like brushing your teeth: it has to happen often to really be effective. It doesn’t need to be long or laborious, so we try to emphasize that and make it fun and accessible. 

It’s so important to focus on learning more about yourself rather than always changing because:

There’s a Sanskrit word, svadhyaya, which means “self-study.” It’s a big pillar of the yoga practice. Reflection is so important because the deeper you dive into yourself and learn your habits and propensities, the more you can make adjustments to move towards your most authentic, magnetic self. Your habits give you a map to where you are and who you are and, often times, your habits don’t line up with your dharma (one’s personal mission or path in life). The more we are in alignment with our dharma, the more harmonious the mind can be, which is freeing for the individual. A yoga practice gives you the time and space to refine your body and mind to help you move towards your authentic self.

Constant exploration and evolution is so essential because:

The universe, nature, everything is always in a state of evolution. Being in flow with this universal principle helps one feel in harmony with nature. Fighting this concept creates stress and suffering. It’s essential that we grow, change and evolve with everything else that happens around us. 

This can help you become:

Your highest self.

The words I live by are:

The biggest decision one can make is to decide if the universe is kind or cruel.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

There is a simple Taoist principle I use in my teachings: the principle of pattern. The intelligence of the universe manifests itself through patterns and cycles. The goal is to see the pattern, learn the code and get the information to use to your advantage. After fall comes winter—we can count on it. So, before winter in NYC, prepare yourself! Buy the warm coat and nice boots.

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