Gimme A Tea

Gimme A Tea

My name is: Maria Geyman.

I live in: Brooklyn, New York  

I’m known for being: The founder of Masha Tea.

Before I created this, I was: Running a boutique naturopathic medical practice. I am a board-certified naturopathic doctor, but have put my practice on pause to pursue my tea company and writing.

My interest was sparked when: My grandmother was very influential in my life. We frequently drank tea together.

The idea behind it is: Through Masha Tea, I offer beautiful, organic teas to be part of people's everyday lives. I believe that tea is a simple luxury and that using a favorite cup, tea pot and beautiful tea leaves can enhance our experience in an often not so gentle world.

A special, lesser-known detail is: I started out by making medicinal tea blends for my naturopathic patients and that thought process still influences my sourcing and the teas that I choose today. I think that often the act of making and drinking tea is as medicinal as the types of herbs that are used. 

Something new I’m doing is: I've been writing a lot! Something that I’ve done since childhood. I write for Vogue and have written Tea Lover's Guides for the magazine on New York, Los Angeles and London. I also cover cultural events here in New York. A Tea Lover's Guide to Tokyo is next—heading to Japan in September! You can more regularly read my writing in the Masha Tea Newsletter, which goes out two or three times a month. I started an interview series there called “Tea With,” where I interview creative people on their tea routines.

One of my favorite things (that I didn’t create) is: Bath time. Taking a long bath at night is an essential way that I take care of myself. I sometimes bring magazines (my favorites are The New Yorker and Journal du Thé).

The words I live by are: A world in which people carve out time for tea is a healthier, chicer and peaceful place. 

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: The only way out is through!

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