Drinking It In: Goodnight Moon Tea

Drinking It In: Goodnight Moon Tea

My name is: Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG).

I’m known for being: Founder of Supernatural, HRBLS, and an herbalism educator. 

I'm talking about: Goodnight Moon Tea!

You can find it at: Goodnight Moon is one of Supernatural's classic herbal teas. We launched it a couple of years ago when the herbal café first opened in Manhattan and have been selling it in-person and online since!

What inspired me to launch this was: One of the most common complaints people come to me with is disturbed sleep. While anyone who’s taken my online classes knows that I recommend 360 approaches and root-cause remedies, it's also helpful to just have some help on the spot. I wanted to give people of all ages effective sleep support, without any hangover effects, that could be used as often as needed.

How it works is: Goodnight Moon is a blend of three nervine herbs. That is, herbs that work on the nervous system. They’re also anti-anxiety, soothing, digestive-assists and more. (All herbs have at least a few “actions” and often many more than that!) Steeping the tea extracts the functional properties of the plants that we then get to ingest. Herbs can also be visual queues and this is one of the prettiest teas we make! That helps with the state-of-mind too. 

What makes it special is: All of my products are designed to be holistic. Goodnight Moon isn't just sedative herbs—it's a combination designed to work on the body, mind, nervous system and heart together. Chamomile is great for digestion, as well as for calm. Passionflower is a beautiful nervine herb that's known for quieting recursive thoughts and anxiety. Rose petals are classic physical body relaxers. It’s not one-note because we’re not one-note.

One thing you can’t miss is: Herbalists love overnight infusions, or teas that are steeped for 8-12 hours. This allows us to extract more of the nutrients and medicinal properties out of the plants. In the case of Goodnight Moon, you could make a quart first thing in the morning and let it steep all day, drink it warm, room temperature or on ice. It’d be ready for you to then have a cup at night before bed and store the rest in the fridge for the eves to come.

My favorite secret detail is: Goodnight Moon can be used as a bath! It can also be smoked. Or both at the same time.

Synching our spiritual exploration and healing with the moon phases is helpful because: Just about everything in life has a rhythm. We are very much a part of the cycle and we can either ride the waves or (try to) fight against them.

The moon helps me live my process by: Keeping an eye on the moon helps me keep in touch with nature. I am always tuning into weather patterns, plants and trees, and whatever else is happening outside, as it affects us whether we know it or not! I don't feel like a human if I'm not in fresh air and natural light every day.

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