Crystal Light

Crystal Light

My name is: Ashley Abbott.

I’m known for being: A crystal shepherdess, model, writer and muse.

I'm talking about: The magic and beauty of the mineral kingdom.

You can find it at:

Before I began this work, I was: A doula supporting low income families and a mother myself.

What inspired my interest in this area was: I’ve been working with the crystals for such a long time now, almost ten years. It all began when the birthing center I was working at was about to close, and I needed to find a new job. I was almost intuitively led to a wholesale crystal warehouse, where I met the owners, who also did intuitive work. We simply hit it off from the start. It was there that I was mentored in the magic of the mineral kingdom. After being there for a few years, I felt this intense calling to continue to share this work with my own community, but inviting a view of crystals that is completely different than what is usually taught out there in spiritual communities. I wanted to create a platform that welcomed an intuitive connection with the crystals, a unique connection between the crystals and their keeper. My particular flavor of sharing crystals empowers my clients, inviting them to trust how a crystal feels to them rather than what a book, website or even I say.

How it works is: When a client asks me, “What does this crystal do or how do I work with this crystal?,” I always say, “What does the crystal feel like to you? What do you feel called to do with it?” I think it’s so easy for us to give our power away to other people, but, the truth is, we are all intuitive beings. We all have those gut feelings. And I want to empower others to trust those feelings, to believe in themselves more and stop playing small. Crystals work on frequencies, not “rules.” And as our own frequency meets theirs, they blend. So, it's truly more about feeling and intuition than anything else.

What makes it special is: I personally only carry crystals from family-owned and -operated mines, and I hand curate all the crystals that I offer. Everything is high vibrational and high grade, and I cleanse+clear all the crystals before sending them off to their forever homes, ensuring they are ready to be worked with and loved on!

One thing you can’t miss is: Crystals themselves are something not to be missed. Even if the energetics, or metaphysical nuances, of crystals don't resonate with you, their beauty can! Just knowing that they are millions of years old and created by all the perfect conditions is special. I invite you to explore their beauty without any other agenda first, and then see where that takes you.  As crystals are created from nature, they always hold such a grounding, yet uplifting, presence. It's like bringing the outdoors in, into your home and into your heart.

My favorite secret detail is: I love crystals for amplifying any rituals I may be doing currently. And these rituals could be anything, from a morning routine to a meditation practice to journaling. Adding in a small and intentional tool can be more impactful than you know. Crystals can assist us in grounding into that specific ritual, allowing it to truly be an embodied practice. Including a crystal could also invite in new clarity and wisdom, as well.

For me, what it means to feel grounded is: Feeling grounded means knowing who I am in any given moment, feeling secure, attuned and protected.  

Grounding is so important because: Being truly grounded offers us a sense of peace and protection that we otherwise can’t attain. When I’m fully grounded, I feel unstoppable and untouchable—as if I could take on anything that came my way. That’s true empowerment!

This can help you live your process (and get grounded) because: Crystals are from the earth and are inherently grounding, although some also provide us with levity too! And, of course, there are certain crystals that offer more grounding than others—but I invite you to explore that through your own intuition.

Ultimately, crystals are here to empower you to be who you truly are, always.

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